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ParaSports was created by 3 experienced wheelchair basketball athletes: Lorenzo Thomas, Mike Hernandez and Willie Jackson.  These athletes, all spinal cord injured, have been involved in the ports for combined total of almost 60 years.

Our Service

ParaSports offers a variety of adaptive sports services to the San Antonio and greater community.  Below are a few of our featured services.

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is played on an official size basketball court, and follows many of the same rules as the NCAA.

Wheelchair Racing

Adaptive Track & Field is the largest adaptive sport program in the world.

Wheelchair Tennis

The International Wheelchair Tennis Foundation (IWTF) was introduced in 1988 with only eight members, after great effort to introduce this sport to the world on an international level.

Hand cycling

Hand cycling is one of the newest sports involved in the Paralympic Game.

Some Fun Facts
We work hard to serve our community. Here are a few bragging point on what we've been able to accomplish over the years.
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Special Moments
  • Parasports is an excellent resource for physical and emotional rehabilitation for a variety of athletes - young & old, male & female. Over the past 5 years of direct involvement with the Spurs Wheelchair Basketball Team as their liaison with the Spurs Sports & Entertainment family, we have had the privilege of working with Coach Willie Jackson and every team member in a variety of ways. At Spurs Sports & Entertainment, we're proud to have been affiliated with the Spurs Wheelchair Basketball Team all these years.

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Why Us
We are dedicated to serving our athletes especially our junior league and veterans so they more compete at the highest possible capacity.
Our commitment to serve our community is unparalleled. We strive to make a difference is our athletes lives as well as serving the community in whatever capacity to a better and healthier life.
We feel it is our responsibility to educate and bring awareness to the general public about disabled sports, and the seemingly limitless potential of disabled athletes.
Our Team Diversity

 At ParaSports we believe the strength in our competitiveness lies in the the diversity and differences among each athlete.  We are proud to celebrate the diversity among the athlete population

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